Randy Driver Kills Friend Because Of Concubine

By Our Correspondent

Agushire-Ezimo and Ogbodu-Aba both in Udenu Local Government Area of Enugu State are presently unease following the killing of one Hilary Agumuo, from Ezimo, by one Simon Ogbu, from Ogbodu-Aba.
“It all started on 17th December, 2021, around 10pm,” narrates an eye witness, Okonkwo Madu. He continues, “The misunderstanding began at a drinking joint. Simon Ogbu came to beat one Ifeanyi, but in the cause of the ensuing fight, Hilary intervened to separate them.
“Hilary made a comment, which infuriated Mr Ogbu after his intervention. And the fight then shifted to Hilary and Simon Ogbu. They were separated, but unknown to us that Ogbu had another plan. Shortly after peace seemed restored, Ogbu picked a stone and hit Hilary in the head.

Gov. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi

“They began to fight. Hilary was bleeding, but he still overpowered Ogbu on the ground. He told Simon Ogbu that if not for God, he would have killed him on the ground. They were then separated.
“Ironically, Simon Ogbu rushed to the office of our neighbourhood watch and reported that Hilary attacked him. They rushed to the scene and saw that it was Hilary that was bleeding, and that Ogbu had lied. Both of them were interrogated at the office of the neighbourhood.
“Around 1am, they were released. That was already on 18th. Everybody thought that it was all over. Hilary was in search of his motorcycle key when Simon from nowhere attacked him again. When we rushed there, Ogbu was on top of Hilary, hitting him. We separated them, and Ogbu was taken to Mission so Hilary could go home.
“Hilary returned to where the fight started initially to pick his motorcycle. Ogbu, still unsatisfied, appeared with a huge stone and confronted Hilary. Hilary brought a wood for self-defence. In the confusion, Ogbu hit him in the head, and Hilary collapsed. Ogbu, thinking that he was dead, began to run away, shouting that members of the neighbourhood killed Hilary.
“We rushed there, saw some blood droppings, but Hilary was nowhere to be found. When we saw him, he was staggering. We found a car that conveyed him to the police station. Hilary actually made statements before a police report was given to him to be admitted in a hospital. Ogbu was later arrested, and taken to the police station at Obollo-Afor.
“Hilary was on admission for about two weeks before being discharged. Before then, Ogbu had been granted bail, but he was not remorseful. Hilary got home after the discharge, but it was clear that his condition was worsening. He was returned to the same hospital, which then referred him to Enugu State Teaching Hospital, Parklane, for further treatment.
“He had head surgeries on January 2. On 10th January, he died.”
The build-up to Hilary’s death was caused by one of the concubines of his killer. A source said, “The concubine, one Ebere Odo, a divorcee, was taken her bath in her compound in an unshielded area. Ifeanyi, using his phone light to see the route, had flashed the light on Ebere’s nudity. She got angry and immediately reported Ifeanyi to her lover, Simon Ogbu.
“Ogbu hurriedly rushed to the pub where Ifeanyi was and began to fight him. Hilary, while separating them, told Ogbu that it was a shame that a woman could push him to embark on such shameful adventure.”
The Man Simon Ogbu aka Eze Afojuru
Simon Ogbu is said to be a rich driver, who began as a bus driver before graduating to a tipper driver. He is from Onitsha Ogbodu-Aba. An insider said, “He has about three tippers. His problem is that he is randy. He has nine children, some of them grown-up, but he does not play with women. He is also a serial drunkard. He is however peace-loving until this ugly incident.”
Hilary, The Innocent Victim
Born on 10/08/68, he was from Agushire Ezimo-Ogbodu. “His wife,” says his relative who does not want to be mentioned, “died some years ago. He was living with his only daughter before his death. His mother is blind and currently stays with one of her daughters at Obollo-Afor.
“Hilary was an okada man, easy going and committed patriot.”
Hilary’s house was deserted when our correspondent went there. His only daughter was said to have been relocated to the house of Hilary’s sister for safe-keeping.
Close Friends Separated By Woman
It was gathered that Hilary was the godfather of Simon Ogbu’s son. Both were friends. They did everything in common.
Call For Justice
Titus Ugwu, the secretary of Umushene clan, where Hilary hailed from, said, “The tension is high in the environment. Police should conduct thorough investigations, and we really want to see justice. Hilary is the breadwinner of his family. His mother is blind. His daughter is now an orphan. This family needs assistance from the government and well-meaning people because the tragedy is much.”
Efforts To Avert Reprisal
The traditional ruler of Ogbodu-Aba community, Igwe Peter Eje, told our correspondent that, “What happened is unfortunate. The two men involved are close friends. They move around together. Devil has done overtime to us.
“I have visited the eldest man of Hilary’s clan. I have also visited the two traditional rulers of the two autonomous communities that make up Ezimo to make our stand known.
“We want peace. What has happened is a taboo, but we must find peace. The entire Ogbodu community is not in support of Mr Ogbu’s act. I have also visited Hilary’s home. I appeal to our youths to allow security agencies to carry out their assignments. Justice should be done according to our constitution.”

Tension In The Land
A survey across the two hitherto peaceful communities shows some level of anger. A community leader in Ogbodu-Aba, Moses Ikpa, said, “Nobody is happy. Hilary was a choir master as well as member of the neighbourhood watch.
“One thing about the two communities is unity. It is hard to differentiate between who is from Ogbodu and Agushire. That is why people from both communities have everything in common: such as membership of Igwe’s cabinet, neighbourhood watch and so on.”
Enugu State Police Public Relations Officer ASP Daniel Ndukwe did not reply to inquiries on the incident. A source at the state police command however said the matter was being handled by the command’s Criminal Investigation Department. According to the source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, “We have visited the scene of the incident. The suspect has been arrested, and investigations are ongoing please.”

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