Barack Obama Is Most Followed Person on Twitter

Barack Obama is the number one followed person on Twitter… surprise, surprise. It was really only a matter of time.

Obama has 57,317 people following him on Twitter while he is following 59,965 people.

Obama just beat out Kevin Rose, a cofounder of, who had 56,442 when the news broke that Obama surpassedhim. In third place was Leo Laporte followed by Alex Albrecht and MarsPhoenix in fifth. Directly after them were Jason Calacanis, Robert Scoble, CNN Breaking News, Veronica and John C. Dvorak in 10th.

Most Followed People on Twitter


We’ve seen such a tremendous amount of Obama-related media in the news, in magazines, on the web, and even in Trend Hunter’s own posts — and we don’t do boring news — that Obama’s enormous fan base is incredibly evident.

Barack Obama isn’t a compulsive Twitter user but his tweets get the widest audience.

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