‘Made’ Outside A Process

People And Sources Of Their Fortunes


People are said to be made when they exhibit a level of wealth, affluence, influence, authority and control to the extent that specific and ordinary people recognise and defer to them in the society.

They come at different levels, some rising to dizzying heights that global entities like Guinness books, Forbes and other reference authorities captures their worth and publish them periodically. Some are done monthly, others yearly and generally to form references for records and academic studies for students and researchers.

Laudable as this feat may seem, the process of getting this recognition has remained an important factor which should be the basis for validation of the person.


The first major test is the process that brought them to fame: one’s history, antecedents, and the route they navigated towards stardom. A process is observable from the activities of the ‘made’ person. They must have verifiable activities that turn economic growth and benefits which eventually yielded the recognition from the people. How they deploy this benefit is a matter of morality.

The MADE person in this context is that person that becomes without a verfiable process. He springs from nowhere and occupies the space like a collosus. He has no history and no track records of engagement in any economic venture. He has not arrived by offering any profitable services, trade or venture and may not have suffered loss on investment nor experienced dark and tough decisions.

His history has no succession plans or longevity in production, manufacturing, trade or services to the extent of proven inheritance or transfer of wealth. This is why people, especially politicians, are being called out when credibility is the issue.

Others involved in this category are the ladies who marry to divorce at the peak of the finances of their husbands. Like gold diggers, they usually nurse a plan to take a huge percentage of their property and wealth. The trending one is that of the Egyptian footballer ACHRAF HAKIMI of PSG whose wife is said to have filed for divorce with the hope of walking away with a chunk of his fortune.

Forbes has it that more than 85% of the richest women in the world today are divorcees. Most of them have come into huge wealth through divorce.

Other fantastically rich men and women fall into categories like drug dealings and kidnapping. While these may enrich one outside the process of active productive ventures, services, craft or trade, it is a situation of disgrace and reproach. Generally viewed as immoral, they destroy the value system and the psyche of the people, especially the youths who are the major casualty.

A PROCESS is the system applied over time to get results in the vast field of endeavours aimed at improving both the economic growth, benefits and well-being of the people towards their survival, improvement and development. IT IS THE WAY AND MEANS OF GETTING THINGS DONE TO GAIN ECONOMIC ADVANTAGE THAT IS SUSTAINABLE, USEFUL AND BENEFICIAL TO THE WORLD AT LARGE.

It is the people coming from verifiable backgrounds of due process that should occupy leadership positions in politics and public service. It is called putting round pegs in the round holes. Rather than uplift society, anything to the contrary inculcates wrong morals and diminishes the value of hard work.

Isaac Nwoye writes from Affa in Udi Local Government Area of Enugu State.

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