2023 Presidency: Y. Y Sani Has Capacity To Fix Nigeria – ADP VP, Dr. Okey Udo.

The seasoned forensic auditor and Vice Presidential Candidate of Action Democratic Party, ADP, Dr. Okey Udo has asserted that leaders must understand the rudiments of utilizing the resources because it is the ideology of such sound leaders that will guarantee the technological, political, and economic well-being of the country, insisting that when the land oil is not put to good use by the “Intellectual oil” in the head, the country faces banditry, kidnapping, and patches of secession calls as we witness today. That is why you see some countries with oil getting poorer while the ones without “land Oil”l use their “intellectual Oil” to achieve technological advancement.

The indefatigable realist made this illustration in a “State Of The Union” TV program anchored by Mariam Zakari and monitored by OHAFIATV News on Friday in Abuja.

He said that all Nigeria needs is someone sound, with leadership acumen upstairs, a man that has the political will to unite the people, not someone that will divide the country into the fault lines of ethnicity, religion, and regions as we have today in our nation.

He also made case for ” Social Capitalism” as the surest approach to helping the federating units of Nigeria develop, arguing that Nigeria cannot develop at the same pace, yet we can develop evenly by encouraging the units to contribute their best at their pace while augmenting to strengthen all the units and achieve total, even development.

“Nigeria is created with lots of strength to the regions, these areas of strength cannot be overlooked by any leader that is interested in her development. While some of the units can boast of natural resources, others are blessed with land and human resources while some can boast of intellectual resources. When we have the right leadership in the saddle, these potentialities can be harnessed into wealth simply by creating enabling and competitive environment where healthy competition will engender development and true federalism. This is not rocket science, this is the function of instituting the right leadership, which is what the Action Democratic Party, ADP, has come to offer Nigerians through the capable hands of Engr.. Yabaji Yusuf Sani, and my humble self, as the Vice President from 2023 and beyond” he said.

Dr Okey Udo

On a question about his overall assessment of the present state of the nation, Dr. Udo said that nothing much has changed from where we started in 2015, insisting that the Buhari administration is just there enjoying themselves, rather than giving the much-desired leadership to the people.

“I have said at different fora that a lot still needs to be done in the area of unity of our nation because that is what will solve most of our problems. Nigeria once practiced regional government that didn’t work, it is still very clear that regional setting today is impossible because even in the whole political parties, major and minors, no particular region can lay claim to dominance, therefore when our diversity is harnessed, we have solved greater percentage of our problems. The bottom line being that we all need each other.

“For instance, if any leader put the nation first, it will be easy to fight internal insecurity because we know ourselves. When we identify ourselves through our cooperation, we know they’re vested interests who may wish to fight our growth and economy with terrorism, then we can easily fish them out because we are set on purpose to strengthen our nation through unity.
But the problem we have today is that the present administration so far, has done more harm than good in amplifying these fault lines, which is why the nation is in total crisis. Yet, all hope is not lost, it is the choice of Nigerians in 2023 that will make all the difference”.

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