Orji Uzor Kalu: A Lifetime Of Crass Opportunism

By Steve Osuji

You would think people get mature and wiser as they get older. But that’s not the case with ORJI UZO KALU. At 60, it seems he has played opportunistic politics all his life. He started out quite early, remember.

Selfish interest, self- preservation and crave for lucre at all cost has defined his politics. This would have been tolerable if he doesn’t present his primordial and indeed predatory instincts as altruistic acts for the Igboman.

Igbo presidential contestants in the two major parties have been travelling about the country trying to convince and win over delegates…
Men of stature and goodwill have spoken up for Igbo consensus and inclusion in order to win the top job after many decades.

Now who’s torpedoing the efforts of his brothers? An Igboman by name: ORJI UZO KALU. He is purchasing an alliance of a dozen aspirants to support a northern aspirant.

Orji Uzor Kalu

No aspirants from the entire southeast and south of Nigeria is good enough? He tries to convince us it’s in our best interest for power to remain in the north after 8 year; for another possible 8 years!

And you tell me you are doing Ndigbo a favour? Quit your childish lies, stop hiding behind a finger like a foolish, little boy! You are merely being smart by half as you are won’t.

By brazenly supporting the current Senate President, (AHMAD LAWAN), we know what you are doing: you are selling out your brothers; you are trading them away ( like the trader you always are). You are minding your stomach, your pocket, your businesses and you are positioning yourself as future presidential hopeful. You want to get the presidency through the backdoor.

Of course you know too well that nobody would tick you for the presidency of Nigeria. Now you would play the great spoiler, especially for your kinsmen!

But every kindergarten child can see through this cheap scheme of yours. Scheming has been your stock in trade in your long political life. But the truth is that we have had enough of your pranks. We have had it up to here. For you information Ndigbo have gone past your cheap tricks. They worked for you in the past but don’t push your luck.

It’s ok to play your politics as you deem fit; it’s ok to support anyone you choose. But never claim your actions are in the best interest ” of your people.” That’s a gratuitous insult to the Igbo nation. Ndigbo have a good chance to preside ove Nigeria in 2023. Ohaneze has said that over and over. It’s what majority of Igbo want. Presidency of Igbo stock will soothe frayed nerves of majority of Ndigbo; it would be in the best interest of our country Nigeria. It will mark the beginning of a great rebirth for Nigeria… do not work against the wish of the people.

You are actually misreading the prevailing mood in Igboland. You have indeed been part of Igbo problem in the past four decades or so. But with this current Lawan scheme, you seem to be completely out of touch with the realities of our people.
Suffice to say that our people are not smiling anymore. Take heed.

▪︎STEVE OSUJI is a member of the Nigerian Guild of Editors

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