Enugu 2023: False Tale Of Ugwuanyi’s ‘Preferred Candidate’


A Political Scientist, Ambrose Bierce took a swipe at the political class and concluded with his description of politics as a strife of interests masquerading as a contest of principles… .the conduct of public affairs for private advantage. While this assertion might be universally applied, the denotative implications of this description is more at home in our clime.

Though, we might point to a few among the political class who have distinguished themselves with regard to the conduct of public affairs for public advantage. Yet, they remain in the minority.

Interestingly, the Holy writ of Christian religion is replete with wisdom quotes inspired to guide the steps of man as he journeys towards his eternal destination amidst unsettling temporal cares. One of such didactic counsels was a subtle caveat raised by the God-man, Jesus of Nazareth, that it was in the tranquility of the night that the enemy sowed weeds in the farm where good seeds were planted (Matt. 13: 24- 30).

What this parable was meant to teach is that man has to be careful and vigilant, for the agents of disorder are always on the prowl at the most peaceful periods.

Mischievous people hate tranquility. They thrive amidst distraught, disaffection and chaos and they stop at nothing to try to tarnish the good name of whoever their target is.

Enugu has the official moniker of Coal City state. But since 2015, when a prince of peace mounted her ship as captain, the “Coal” has effortlessly transmogrified to “Cool.” And that’s how the new slogan that reputed Enugu as “Cool City” came about. It was an involuntary appreciation of the genial peace, law and order that serenades the atmosphere, which His Excellency, Rt. Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi breathed into the state since he assumed office as Governor.

Detractors have been trying hard to forment trouble and taking undue advantage to cause mischief. But it is hard to find a leeway, when the governor has a watertight sociopolitical peace arrangement on ground.

But naysayers don’t sleep, neither do they slumber.

Peter Mbah

Suddenly, 2022 arrived, with the political frenzy of 2023 in its itinerary, and everything changes. It twinges their brain how the state can make a peaceful transition from Ugwuanyi to another leader without the usual shenanigans. Should that happen peacefully, it will defile the reality that in our clime, more politicians than statesmen play politics. It takes them (detractors) to stir the waters, in untoward attempts to truncate the process.

They have been on duty for a while now, trying to raise dust where none exists. But the calm nature of Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi have often confounded them. He remained unruffled amidst the hullabaloo.

In Gov. Ugwuanyi we see exactly what Henry Kissinger taught that “ninety percent of the politicians give the other ten percent a bad reputation.” His enemies have been relentless in accusing him, falsely, of sponsoring one of the many contestants for the oncoming governorship contest.

In particular, they single out the aspiration to the state governorship of Peter Mba as a tool to blackmail Gov. Ugwuanyi.

The unfounded claim that he is backing the aspirant is actually aimed at causing disaffection among the members of the Peoples Democratic Party as well as heating up the polity unnecessarily. This is the height of mischief as Governor Ugwuanyi has so far maintained neutrality and provided a level playing field for all in the ongoing contest.

Ugwuanyi has so far kept his leadership garb unstained, standing firm and upright, against his detractors. He is a father to all, and not even the cheap blackmail of his cynics will make him change his mind. He respects the fundamental rights of all the contestants and gives level playing grounds for everyone in the interest of fairness.

He is one governor who has given equal government patronage in terms of infrastructural development to all the three Senatorial zones, so the accusation of favouritism cannot stand. Anyone who has a grouse against Peter Mba’s legitimate right to aspire to the state’s topmost political position should use the appropriate channel to ventilate their inordinate anger, and leave the governor alone. The idea of convicting a soul without trial is regrettable.

God bless Enugu state, and may He spare the people from those who seek to use the ongoing political contest to enthrone anarchy and discord.

Hon. Bibian Anekwe is Senior Special Assistant to the Governor of Enugu State.

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